23 November | Inside Brenner & Company

Book presentation and traditional goose dinner

On November 11, Brenner & Company (www.brennercompany.eu) held their traditional goose dinner in Neustift am Walde in Austria. Stimulating the palate with a goose dinner is not just any Austrian custom, but also one that has been a tradition at Brenner & Company for many years.

Dr. Fritz Weilharter & Mag. Markus Brenner

This year the guests were pleasantly surprised by the presentation of some inspiring new literature. Dr. Fritz Weilharter, educator and professor of sports psychology, explained some concepts from his book “The New Elite: Why the future belongs to children without smartphones” during a discussion with Markus Brenner, Managing Director of Brenner & Company. Essentially, the book claims that children without smartphones are more active, creative, intelligent and physically fit, already forming the elite humans of tomorrow at an early age. Identifying these at an early stage is an important topic for Brenner & Company. After all, their mission is to find the best and select the most suitable candidates for the future. The topic was discussed at great length over some tasty goose and excellent wine. All in all, it was an inspiring evening that, as always, made everyone wish for more next year.