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A company’s success is in the hands of people. This is not just true for upper management, but just as well for the team that will be implementing a sophisticated strategy at the end of the day. In staffing, it is therefore important to create attractive positions and to advertise them accordingly.

We will help you find suitable candidates and foster and bind them through long-term personnel development. With our Management Diagnostic Tools, we also help you to identify hidden potentials and thus sustainably secure the success of your executives.

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Together with the client, our Senior Consultants will first establish a professional and personal target profile, which creates an extensive representation of the ideal candidate. Then the appropriate mix of various search methods will be selected, and a strategy will be determined. For selection and assessment, structured interviews will be held with the candidates possessing the formal qualifications.

The three evaluation pillars – formal qualifications, personal impression in the interview and results of the tests – will be summarised in our decision-oriented report, and this is how the suitable candidate will be selected. Should the new employee unexpectedly leave the company within the first few months, we will restart the search process at no additional fee.

Healthcare Solutions

The international shortage of skilled workers is particularly affecting the health care sector. This is why a long-term commitment is required here. The growing need for know-how contrasts with a tense personnel situation in medical assistant professions.

The low level of fluctuation in the practice-based area stifles the market and puts an even greater strain on the situation. We assist you in your search for suitable healthcare professionals, such as, for example, individually selected practice assistants.


The rapid growth of the IT sector and the increasingly agile approach to large software projects pose a problem for companies large and small alike: Within the shortest possible period of time, a team of qualified developers has to be put into place, without knowing exactly how long the staff requirement will last.

We help you, depending on your needs, by procuring individual specialists or entire teams of developers for extensive software projects.

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