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Management Diagnostics

Executive Assessment, Management Assessment, High Potential Screening

With our management-diagnostic products, we offer customised support for filling executive positions and the development of executives for every single management level.
Through a neutral and scientifically-grounded assessment of internal and external executives, the risk of expensive wrong decisions is significantly minimised, and hidden potentials can be identified.

Our internationally experienced experts attune their way to proceed to your questions and to the specific requirements of your company, and will advise you thoroughly on all your staffing decisions.


In cases of restructuring, changes processes or mergers, it is very important to make forward-looking decisions on the filling of top executive positions and to initiate development measures for the different management levels.

We will support you on this through professional management audits, customised to your company. Our experts are experienced in the organisation and execution of management audits, from three to over 100 participants.


To gain a comprehensive impression of an executive’s competence, people in their surroundings will be involved and asked to provide an assessment from their own point of view. Superiors, colleagues, staff, business partners and clients – they all have an individual impression of the executive to be evaluated.

In total, this provides a comprehensive picture of the leadership style, qualities, skills and performance. This constitutes an ideal addition to the selective perception of an interview. By balancing self-assessment and external assessment, the personal potential for change can be released.

Staff Satisfaction Analysis

Nowadays, it is very important for decision-makers in companies to capture the mood and ideas of employees to further develop the corporate culture.

With scientifically grounded staff surveys and using modern technology, we assist you in recognising necessary improvements regarding cooperation and management early on, in order to strengthen staff commitment.