Frequently asked questions
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For Companies

What are the benefits of having B&C do the personnel search?

We know the market and know which methods are promising. If – like now – only very few suitable applicants can be found, there is no way around an active search for suitable people. He or she who can then choose wisely, has an advantage – not to mention the time and cost saving for the own company.

How long does a search and selection process take?

How long does a search and selection process take? That depends on the project and cannot be predicted. Most often the project runtime is of 2 to 3 months.

How is a search and selection process organised?

It starts out with a detailed briefing. Depending on the project definition, the search via advertisement/database and/or direct calling will follow. All applications are treated by us and the best candidates will be thoroughly checked. This is done using interviews, tests and the analysis of references. Suitable candidates will be presented to the client. Then a decision will be made jointly.

Which tests are being used?

We have different tests and diagnostic procedures at our disposal. What is important, is that we only use methods that conform to psychological quality criteria.

How are the candidate data transmitted to me as client (GDPR)?

We only transmit candidate data, after they have been released by the candidates. You will receive a link from us to an internal website, on which you can review the candidate report and other information, such as credentials. Only this procedure ensures GDPR conformity.

For Applicants

How do I apply?

You can simply upload your application documents under “Job Openings“.

How can I make a prospective application?

Under “Job Openings“ you will find the item “Prospective Application”. You can upload your documents there.

Which documents should I supply with my application?

Most important are your CV and a cover letter. You can also upload further documents, such as credentials and certificates.

What should I do, if I am interested in several positions?

If that is the case, please apply to all of them.

Which company am I applying to?

Your consultant in charge will tell you which company you are applying to during the application process.

Should I also apply, if I don’t know for sure what company it is?

Yes, should you exclude one or more companies, please inform us in your application or during the application process. You can always trust us to treat your application with discretion. Candidate information is only transmitted to the client after having been released by the candidate.

What awaits me in the application process?

First, your application documents will be formally checked. Should the result be positive, the consultant in charge will contact you. Subsequently, interviews (per video or in our office) will be held, and maybe psychological tests will be conducted. Should you make the final cut, there will be a talk together with the consultant and the client.

How can I withdraw my application?

Please contact your consultant or our office directly.

What does a rejection mean, if I have sent out other applications?

Should you have applied to various positions, you will remain in the application process, even if you were rejected for one position.

How is Data Privacy an issue?

Your data will only be used for the purposes stated in the privacy notice. We will keep all data you sent us only as long as necessary, unless a longer storage period is legally permitted or prescribed. Processing of your data after this time period will only take place with your express consent and for a maximum of three years.

Will my data be treated anonymously ?

Your data will be transmitted to client companies after consulting with you.

I forgot the password for my login. What should I do?

Should you have forgotten your password, please talk to your consultant.