Getting to the knowledge, the will and the ability of a person – through assessments. A valuable input to the evaluation of potential.

Depending on character and personality, people use their skills and abilities differently when it comes to finding solutions. The best access to problem solving can be rated individually by means of assessments.

Assessments provide the opportunity to assess a person’s behaviour under certain demands with which they have not been confronted before. Consequently conclusions can be drawn in the accomplishment of future tasks.

Participants are confronted with different situations as well as practical and position relevant tasks over a longer period of time. Superiors, colleagues and B&C consultants observe and assess the performance during these sessions.

B&C offers individual assessments, perhaps when assessing position-relevant requirements in top management, or group assessments in order to identify talent and to analyse management teams.

An assessment is provided by B&C either as a final step in the search and selection process, on top of psychological testing or as a sole method of analysis – depending on the client’s requirements and needs.