360 Degree Feedback

How is a person viewed within a system? Through direct and behaviour oriented feedback a learning effect emerges.

In order to find out about strengths and areas for development of managers, B&C uses 360 degree feedback and thus relies on the awareness of the participant concerned.

A superior receives a multidimensional perspective on his personal performance and his behaviour through feedback from different angles. For an assessment not only managers are taken into perspective but also colleagues, subordinates as well as business partners and clients respectively. Rated will be certain attributes, behaviour and leadership style but also skills and interests, abilities as well as shown performance.

It is the idea of the 360° feedback to receive the opinion of persons who have worked and dealt with the individual assessed in every day life over a longer period of time. This method provides the opportunity to obtain a long term perspective and provides a fine extra on top of the punctual perception in an interview.

In self perception and perception of others, potentials can be gathered finally. In comparison to the identification of the actual value also the target value (the reviewers’ expectations) can be asked.