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Focus on: Agilium Worldwide’s executive search firms in (South) America

Argentina (Buenos Aires) Valuar Organización de Recursos Humanos
Executive Search, Leadership Consulting, Organzational Design & Culture

By cleverly combining market research, top talent identification, and leadership and culture advisory services, Valuar’s consultants help organizations effectively utilize their full potential. Valuar considers each company as unique and needing solutions aligned specifically to its culture. The methodology used is totally customized, guaranteeing quality, accuracy, objectivity and efficiency, yet also the flexibility required to adapt to the specific needs of their clients. Valuar’s staff and partners are actively engaged in gender equality issues, and cooperate with international institutions to help their clients attract and retain women who add value to the organization. Valuar firmly seeks to promote diversity in the organizational workforce.

Valuar’s consultants possess in-depth understanding of their clients’ strategic, cultural, financial and operational issues. Their executive search process is distinguished by rigorous methodology, comprising a structured, disciplined approach aimed at identifying the best potential candidates. Thanks to resources such as a solid network, direct access to key sources of information, and numerous trust-based relationships, Valuar has become a strong and dependable partner in this field.

Valuar specializes in the following industries:
• Consumer Products: Manufacturing/Distribution
• Construction & Infrastructure
• Financial Services
• Industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
• Life Sciences & Healthcare
• Professional Services

Valuar also has expertise and experience in:
• Retail
• Agri-business
• Mining
• Law

Valuar (https://www.valuar.com/)
Key Contact: Cristina Bomchil
Email: cristinabomchil@valuar.com

Chile (Santiago de Chile) Valuar Organización de Recursos Humanos

Valuar Chile is a subsidiary of Valuar Argentina, and acts as an expert strategic partner in the field of executive search for many of Argentina’s most renowned companies.

Key Contact: Maria Vaca-Guzmán
Email: mvacaguzman@valuar.com

Mexico (Mexico City) DeZaSearch
Executive Search & Recruitment, Top Talent, HR Consulting

In the past 30 years DeZaSearch professionals have been successful in focusing an existing recruitment methodology towards creating and capturing added value for their clients. On the one hand for example, they have formed high-level relational networks in Latin America, and on the other, also developed international strategic alliances. During all this time a wealth of business management experience has converged and consolidated with uninterrupted professional practice, resulting in immeasurable acquired knowledge and relationships.

Principles such as integrity and trust have helped DeZaSearch consultants to develop long-term and sustainable relationships with clients, and to become the partner of choice in the field of executive search and many other related areas, such as the outsourcing of recruitment and selection of executives, and strategic management assessment.

DeZaSearch specializes in the following industries:
• Consumer Products – Manufacturing/Distribution
• Construction & Infrastructure
• Financial Services
• Industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
• Technology
• Energy

DeZaSearch (http://www.dezasearch.com/)
Key Contact: F. Xavier de Zamacona
Email: fxz@dezasearch.com

Founded in 1984, Agilium Worldwide LLC is an international executive search group of independent, owner-managed retained executive search firms, with members who are active in virtually every market. Agilium Worldwide ranks among the world’s top 40 executive search organizations.

Agilium Worldwide’s member firms offer personalized, specialized, client-oriented services. By eliminating the formally structured, pre-programmed approach they can remain proactive and secure prompt, skilled and expert service to their clients, to help them find the “Perfect Fit” – the right person for the right position, at the right time, at the right location.
Agilium Worldwide member firms are trusted advisors to companies from the Fortune 500, as well as to upcoming and start-up companies around the globe. Clients get the best of both worlds: an entrepreneurial approach with global reach and local perspective.

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