Sport politics: Wherein the parties agree …

Better infrastructure, stronger engagement in schools

On the occasion of the forthcoming National Council elections, Brenner & Company and Kunz Schima Wallentin invited for a panel discussion under the patronage of the Austrian Federal Sports Organization. In front of round 70 guests from the fields of sports, business and politics presented the moderator Michael Berger on Thursday, shortly before Sports Day on Saturday, the focus on the future plans of the Austrian sport parties. How do they plan to develop it, where shall the lever be placed? Participants of the discussion: NRAbg. Hermann Krist (SPÖ), Brigitte Jank (ÖVP), LAbg. Dietrich Kops (FPÖ), NRAbg. Dieter Brosz (Die Grünen) and LAbg. Markus Ornig (NEOS).

There was fundamental agreement in essential points. Thus the discussants agreed that sports must lay focus especially on the target group of children and adolescents. On one hand, in order to optimally support the personal development, on the other hand, to be able to lay here the foundations for possible professional sports. Particularly important for the future of domestic sports be furthermore the partnership between schools and sport unions. Sport belongs to the schools; the given infrastructure should be better utilized. In general there was a commitment of politics to expand the sports infrastructure.  In this regard a political planning be necessary, emphasized the discussion participants.

BSO-Managing director Mag. Rainer Rößlhuber:

“We are delighted that this panel discussion has succeeded in bringing out the commonalities of the parties in basic questions regarding sports politics. This should help us when addressing important issues in sports. We will naturally comply with these contents also after the elections.”