Search & Selection Process

The three columns of assessment: formal qualification, personal impression in the interview and the results of the test procedures.

At the beginning of a project the company concerned undergoes an analysis of its environment, goals, cultures and its market position. Both client and consultant together identify technical criteria such as education, work experience and leadership experience in order to define a “professional target profile”. Personal requirements such as cognitive characteristics, social competency, working style and specific management skills form the “personality target profile”. Both components show a comprehensive picture of the potential candidate.

B&C consultants provide advice concerning the use of the most effective search- and selection methods according to the individual requirements of the concerning project. Principally, there are two main methods, direct search and media-supported search. With the direct search method, suitable candidates will be identified and targeted. With the media-supported search method, the design and placement of a personnel advertisement will be prepared in print and online sections depending on the most appropriate media. When it comes to specific market situation and target profiles, a combination of both direct search and media-supported search will be utilised as the best way of exploiting the suitable pool of candidates.

For selection and assessment, structured interviews with the suitable candidates will be conducted based on the formal qualification. To form a decision both professional and personality criteria will be taken into account. Complementary to the consultant’s assessment, the candidates in questions will take a psychological test. The three columns of assessment – formal qualification, personal impression in the interview and the results of the test procedures will be summarized in a decision-oriented candidate report. Where required the B&C consultant will obtain comprehensive references. Together with the client, the best candidate will be selected. By request, B&C consultants will advice the customer regarding integration, consideration and other personnel issues.

In case the placed candidate resigns within the first months unexpectedly, the “filling guarantee” will take effect: B&C resumes the search process without additional remuneration. Our clients can rely on the fact that once a search order has been awarded it will result in a successful placement.