Presentation of the B&C calendar 2012

Brenner&Company invited more than 150 guests to the annual calendar presentation on its office premises in Reisnerstraße in the 3rd district.

In the new calendar only prominent athletes and sporty celebrities respectively are displayed. Every picture together with Heinz R. Unger‘s unique text add up to a story that inspires to ponder or smirk. Thus it is not surprising that not only prominent politicians and managers but also famous athletes (Ilona Gusenbauer, Franz Klammer, Niki Zitny etc.) as well as celebs of the domestic artistic and cultural community (Erwin Steinhauer) showed up.

“Meanwhile our calendar has a certain “cultic” status. One can even talk about a quarrel over the calendar, so we have to think about expanding the – basically strictly limited – edition. Or we take it like Friedrich Torberg’s “Tante Jolesch” and here cabbage pasta”, smiles a pleased Markus Brenner, Managing Director of Brenner&Company. “And who did not get a calendar is invited to skim through it on our homepage.”

Later that evening it also got sporty, as all guests have been invited to be part of a tabletop soccer tournament for a charitable cause. € 1.300,– have been gained and handed over to the “Möwe” president Martina Fasslabend that very evening.

With full enthusiasm and dedication the following “players” took part:
Ing. Blöch MBA, Manfred, Energiecomfort
Fasslabend Martina, Die Möwe
Dr. Jochmann Martina, Energiecomfort
Mag. Kastner Manfred, CAT Oil
Michael Kuhn, Sports Media Austria
Ernst Naber, Naber Kaffee
Mag. Pointinger Petra, Raiffeisen International
Mag. Pommerening Andreas, Immobank
Reiler Christine, Ex-Miss Austria
MMag. Scheidl Josef, LLI Euromills
DI Schwarzl Helmut, Geberit
Steinhauer Erwin, Schauspieler
Dr. Thirring Peter, Generali
Wieser CEFA, Michael, Bank Gutmann
Windholz MBA, Helena, LG Electronics
Zitny Niki, Österreichischer Golfverband

Click here and skim through the B&C calendar 2012 online.