Personnel Search & Selection

The right person in the right position. When it comes to filling open positions, finding the right candidates gets harder and harder. How will I find an employee that matches the company?

The success of a company lies in the hands of people. Skills and know-how as well as personality and expertise are becoming more and more crucial. However, with a skills shortage in the labour market coupled with greater international competition for high potential individuals, this poses significant challenges for the foreseeable future. Know-how plays a vital role in the search and selection process. What is the right search strategy? How do I recognize talent and actual experience? What is essential?

B&C senior consultants know the right methods and have rich experience in the search and selection of managers in the first and second level. Thus in order to find the right employee the right partner is vital.

The expertise of the B&C senior consultants, the objectivity of the psychological assessment, the performance based remuneration and the long-term filling guarantee makes B&C a valuable partner in the recruiting process.