Management Diagnostics 4.0

Human capital – the most important success factor in international competition

Human Capital stands for the knowledge, skills and experiences of people in a company. It not only represents a significant contribution to the market value of a company but also the most important competitive factor for its existence on the market.

B&C Management Diagnostics 4.0 is a completely new way to diagnose personality and analyse communicative impact across leadership, sales and service positions – a revolution in diagnostics. We at Brenner&Company are also the first ones to use this method in Austria.

The methods of B&C Management Diagnostics 4.0 are designed to capture potential and competence of existing managers in order to take developmental measures and proper decisions, as well as to assess external candidates in order to avoid high costs of wrong personnel choices.

As the international competition makes it continuously harder to find suitable employees, it will become more and more important to identify, nurture and retain existing talent.

B&C offers tailor-made and transparent processes that are adjusted to the individual requirements of a task. Innovative methodology, clear communication and a high level of professionalism and sensitivity in the processing ensures a high acceptance of all parties involved.

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