Employee Satisfaction Survey

It is of strategic value that employees are satisfied. Leading companies know that. They take needs and expectations of their employees seriously. The questioning of employees gains in importance.

It is well known that a higher employee satisfaction has positive consequences, such as better performance, stronger commitment, less fluctuation and lower levels of staff absenteeism.

As an instrument of strategic planning and a tool for communication, the personnel satisfaction analysis helps to increase commitment and the willingness to perform and consequently open the organisational climate.

Developed by B&C, this tool for enquiry and diagnosis of employee satisfaction is suitable for complete inventory count of local SMEs as well as international organisations. The tool can be adjusted to different requirements due to its modular thus flexible set-up.

Emphasis can be put on different focal points: working time, employee commitment, employee loyalty, customer orientation, and remuneration structure, efficiency of leadership, corporate culture or satisfaction with the work climate.