CEE and SEE are coming back – B&C is already there

Brenner&Company relies on mother tongue and networking when it comes to research and consulting in Eastern & South Eastern Europe

Vienna, July 19th 2017 For some time now we can clearly observe that Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CEE and SEE) is getting stable again. Therefore are international as well as Austrian companies increasingly oriented to these markets. However, in this process they are looking for partners who are in the CEE and SEE not only well-informed but also strongly connected. Particularly the linguistic competence is important in the search & selection process in order to find the best employees in these markets and to be able to offer a qualitative service.

For Brenner & Company it has been a priority for ten years now to have excellent employees in Eastern and South Eastern Europe in order to provide optimal guidance and support to its partners and customers. Therefore has B&C decided to strengthen its CEE/SEE team. In July 2017 Mag. Jelena Pack could be won as a new Senior Consultant. Her skills and experience make her an expert in the SEE area: She has advised international companies operating in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe for more than ten years. In addition to her mother tongue – Serbo-Croatian, Mrs. Pack speaks excellent German, English, Spanish and Russian. Ultimately is her knowledge and network in the SEE market of great benefit to our customers.

The significance of linguistic proficiency distinguishes also the team’s second member. B&C is pleased to have received a likewise native-speaker reinforcement in the CEE area. Mag. Timea Banyacskiova speaks besides Slovakian and Hungarian (both mother tongue) perfect German and English, as well as Czech and Italian. She has been internationally active for several years now and specializes in research in the CEE region.

Worldwide connected with AGILIUM WORLDWIDE

Thanks to this extension and its AGILIUM Worldwide network partners (see also www.agiliumworldwide.com) B&C is now able to offer its services at its standard level all over CEE & SEE.

We warmly welcome our new employees and invite our partners and customers to get to know them as well.